Link Building Service That Truly Works In 2021

Unique content and high-quality link building play a key role in ranking the website’s position on Google’s SERP for sure. But only having powerful content is pretty useless if the site hangs back in the Google search results. Ultimately, you need some serious link building services to boost your site’s ranking.

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Quality Link Building Services

The quality link building service depends on through research and focused tailoring of the site. It is important to realize that link building does not mean creating links everywhere on the web but establishing authority links combined with relevancy ensuring the better results in the end. 

Our SEO link building services in collaboration with enthusiastic SEO consultants and professionals offer the qualitative and authoritative links to your site at affordable prices without the strain on your pocket.

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Link Building service

Our Projects

We at “Solution 2 SEO” offer the following SEO backlink services that guarantee our client satisfaction in the long run:

  • White-hat link building services
  • SEO link building services
  • Blog link building service
  • Manual outreach link building
  • One way link building
  • Outsource link building
  • Natural link building service
  • Editorial link building
  • Contextual link building service

Irrelevant backlinks from low-grade sites is a total loss for your site causing irreparable damage. Here, our link building experts come forward to create successful link building strategies and link earning campaigns completely compatible with Google guidelines.


Benefits Of Link Building

Building quality links is the crux of ranking your website in the search results. We can not deny that the popularity of a site depends on the number of inbound links. 

To have more exposure on the search engines, it is advisable that you must spend a great deal of time on creating high quality and relevant links. The reason is that it brings fruitful results after some time. 

Following are the major benefits of a sound link building strategy:

  • Links Ensures The Credibility

High-quality links earn credibility to your site. They work like third-party indicators helping to strengthen the authority of your domain. The higher the number of the authority inbound links to your site, the higher the credibility it receives.

Google always aims to provide a good user experience to the audience using it. Therefore, it works on this fact that good publishers always link the quality content on their site to ensure a better user experience. So, always try to build quality links for your websites as 1 authority link outweighs the 10 bad links. Moreover, it is also a wise strategy to get different links from different authority sites instead of just from one domain. 

  • Links Are Helpful To Rank Your Site

Link building is crucial to rank your position in the search engines. No matter how qualitative your web content, it remains out of sight unless you establish inbound links essential to rank your web pages. 

Focus on creating unique and engaging content and then linking to relevant and authority sites that will help to upgrade your position on the Google result page.

  • A Constant Source Of Referral Traffic 

If you are successful in creating a permanent link on the authority site, it will bring plenty of regular traffic for the long term from that inbound link. 

  • An Increase In Web Traffic

Through link building, you captivate the relevant audience from the industry authority sites. When you target the relevant audience and niches, there is an automatic increase in traffic of external sources. 

And a large number of traffic to your website is an indicator of the sound health of your site. 

  • Opportunities For More Sales And Revenue

The huge traffic on the websites leads potential clients to your site. This is obviously ensuring more sales and generating more revenue through selling products and services. 

  • Become An Authority In Your Niche

Google always recommends focusing on establishing links within your niche. It is only possible by creating relevant links on the authority giants in your industry. Henceforth, you also become an authority in your niche and industry. 

  • Reduces Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is also an important factor to establish your site authority in Google’s eyes. Thus creating internal links excellently in a way that all pages of your site are interlinked. This will allow the user to stay for long on your site for long by exploring maximum pages. If you own a local business then you must check out our local SEO services.

The more time the user spends on your site, the higher position it gains on the search results.

  • Leads To Higher SEO Scores

Establishing quality link building is an integral part of SEO. To get successful results with SEO, white-hat link building is a must. As a result, it increases the SEO site metrics of your site like Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Alexa Rank (AR), Trust Flow (TF), and so on. 

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7 Links Per Month

DA 20-29: 2 Links
DA 30-39: 2 Links
DA 40-49: 1 Link
Manual Outreach
Niche Relevancy
Daily SERP Tracking

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10 Links Per Month
DR 20-29: 4 Links
DR 30-39: 5 Links
DR 40-49: 1 Link
Manual Outreach
Niche Relevancy

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14 Links Per Month
DR 20-29: 4 Links
DR 30-39: 5 Links
DR 40-49: 3 Links
DR 50-59: 1 Link
DR 60-69: 1 Link
Manual Outreach
Niche Relevancy
Backlinks Audit

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20 Links Per Month
DR 20-29: 6 Links
DR 30-39: 5 Links
DR 40-49: 5 Links
DR 50-59: 2 Links
DR 60-69: 1 Link
DR 70-79: 1 Link
Manual Outreach
Niche Relevancy
Daily SERP Tracking
Backlinks Audit

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Frequently Asked Questions

To enjoy tons of backlinks that last for a lifetime is not a piece of cake. Rather it needs solid link building tactics that can never go outdated. 

Link Building Tactics

Let’s explore these tactics in detail.  

  • Outreach 

It would not be wrong to say that outreach backs every link building tactic approximately. It simply means you try to reach out to the niche relevant industry and introduce them to your content. 

You must have link-worthy assets that can be your business, service, products, brand, or even persona. Outreach requires serious efforts to let your niche relevant people know about your content and how it can be useful for them. It can be a tool, big blog posts, images, and infographics, etc.   

Now the question arises as to whom should you reach out?

  • Site owner having articles with your target keywords
  • People who linked similar articles on your target topic
  1. Guest Posting

Although guest posting is one of the grown old tactics to earn backlinks, it remains evergreen. It helps you to generate huge traffic and get plenty of backlinks. 

How does it work? You search your niche relevant websites. You write an article representing your industry and ask the other site’s owner to publish it. And the most important part is you link yourself to that article.  And it is done.

You can also link your website in the bio section. What you are supposed to do is to find out the best guest post prospect. There is a simple query that fits the bill:         

                   Topic + intitle:“write for us”

You type, hit enter in google, and good to go. A simple but useful tip is always for the niche relevant sites and pitches them anyway instead of sites advertising that they accept guest posts.   

  1. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is one of the techniques that actually work to establish a successful link for your site. 

What comes to your mind is what is a broken link? Straightforwardly, it is a link no more available on the internet. Instead, you receive a message “Error 404 page not found.”

It is quite easy to find a broken link:

  • Find a niche relevant broken link on a site
  • Create content similar to the broken source
  • Ask the site owner to link your content instead of linking dead page

Convince the site owner to replace your link as no one wants to see a dead page on clicking. 

  1. Repurpose Your Content

Creating fresh and original content in order to gain links from other sites may be difficult and time-consuming. Further, it is pretty difficult to know whether your audience is interested or not that you have already written.

But nothing to worry about. You can repurpose or remodel your already crafted work into a new format. What would be the benefit of this remodeling? It is truly possible to build your site’s links on many appropriate sites like video sharing sites, infographic directories, and so on.  


You can recycle your best content into an informative video, infographic, PDF, or e-book and then submit it on youtube or Scribd. And then link back to your original content smartly.  

  1. Unlinked Mentions

When some other site mentions your company or brand name, reference a page, image, or resource without linking to your site is called unlinked mentions. This is surely a great way to secure links. 

Going further, You have to be vigilant to figure out which sites recently mention you on their sites. Ask them to convert the unlinked mention into a link. 

  1. Link Reclamation

Sometimes, it happens that you lose the links. There can be many reasons for losing links; either they have removed your link or replaced it with some other sites. 

It happens for reasons to get your link removed or replaced. Perhaps, the author refurbished or upgraded the content and your link got removed. Everyone loves to link fresh and updated content and they found your content outdated and replaced with some other sites producing fresh content.

Of course, reclaiming lost links is far easier than building new links from scratch. 

  1. Paid Promotion

To extend the reach of your content to the target audience is a cherry-picking fact. Paid promotion is a quick way to put your content to the audience looking for it. 

For this, you use Facebook ads, PPC, Google ads, and Pinterest ads, etc to promote your content. You need to spend almost $50 – $100 to run ads. This will bring huge benefits if your content resonates among the chosen audience. Many of them surely would love to link them either on their website, in a comment on others’ blogs, a forum, or anywhere they want.  

  1. Link Stealing From Inferior Web Pages

Sometimes a mediocre type of content has a large number of valuable links helping to rank it. But your content is far valuable containing unique and genuine information as compared to that inferior site. 

Now it is the time to take action. Introduce your content and ask them to link you instead of linking that inferior page. 

To find out low-quality content is not a big deal. If you are good at research you can do it as quickly as possible. 

  1. Community Site Link Building

Having diverse links ensures that you are getting natural links instead of spamming and manipulating Google algorithms. This increases your credibility in front of Google.  

Therefore, it is necessary that you must earn links from different sources to show diversity. And link building on community sites is one of them. There are many authority sites like Quora, Reddit, forums, and message boards to market your websites. 

Such diversified links enhance your backlink profile and help to rank in search results.  

  1. Utilize The Power Of Social Media

Social media plays an important role in connecting family and friends around the world. It is also accommodating people to take their online business to the next level by taking it to a large number of audience using it.  

Further, social media is not only impacting the people but also impacting search results. Because the links generated from social media like Twitter or Facebook perform much better on SERPs. 

So keep posting your content to these social media platforms. Of course, Your niche targeting audience will follow you through these links.  

  1. Link Exchange

It is obvious through name when two or more sites agree to link each other. Link exchange between two sites is also known as reciprocal linking. 

But this tactic is heavily debated as Google discourages such agreements and favors natural link building. It may be useful if done with a proper strategy. 

  1. Press Release Link Building

A press release is helpful to establish naturally incorporated links if done right. Keeping in mind, it may bring severe penalties to your site if not handled wisely. 

You pitch your idea and create a stunning press release. Then you send it to the well-known press release site to publish it on their sites. And they publish it while linking to your site as well. 

Press release links help you to earn huge links if they have interesting and killer headings, and proper anchor text.  

  1. Niche Edit Links

The niche edit link is the tactic loved by Google the most. Here, your target keyword content is already published on others’ websites instead of writing new as we do in guest posting. 

You simply ask them to add your link in that article to boost the information and present a better user experience to the user. But sadly to know that people charge you to add your links in their articles. They may charge $30 to $50 as per their personal preferences. 

Niche edits links are also known as contextual links.

Unlike traditional services, link building service is a digital service carried out by SEO consultants and experts to acquire links for companies, businesses, and bloggers.

Links play an essential role in connecting web pages that are contextually similar. People explore the content by navigating these links. 

It is not an easy job to make your presence in the first top 10 results. Link building services help you to improve your position in the search results by building links. They help you to build your links on authority and niche relevant sites pointing back to your site. 

Basically, they are digital referrals also known as external links. Link building services help you to improve your search ranking and maximize their marketing benefits for the long term. Moreover, they manage your link building strategies to take your sites to the next level. 

As far as pricing is concerned, different strategies like niche edit links, broken links, and outreach require unique processes and approaches to handle. So, there is a difference in their price plan. It depends on the requirement of link building type and the process it carries out. You can choose any plan that suits your website requirements and budget.

At “company name” we love to serve you with ultimate dedication to ensuring quality link building services. Whatever your objectives are, our SEO experts and consultants offer adaptive and flexible services to bring your desired results for the long term. 

Link building agency provides you link building services to rank in search engines especially in Google as the biggest search engine. 

It is quite difficult to find out the agency that is providing purely white hat SEO services. The agency makes sure to gain and secure high quality, authority, and niche relevant inbound links with the aim to be more visible to a large audience and bring organic traffic using the internet. 

To know how our link building team drives huge traffic to your site or if you already have a link building campaign and want to take that to the next level, feel free to contact us.  We will conduct the free analysis of your website and provide you with effective and result-oriented strategies.

Being a responsible and efficient SEO company, we take reporting very seriously to keep perceive the gradual progress taking place. We believe in providing feedback, analysis, measurements, and reporting. 

Only building links anywhere is not sufficient, rather it requires a great deal of consideration of the sources you are using, the web pages you want to target, and the strategy you have adopted. Meanwhile, you need to have a constant track of your backlink profile to check your progress. 

Another key point is that every single link has value and may harm your site, so your site growth demands constant monitoring to avoid low-quality links. 

To ease our clients, we provide simple and comprehensive reports to them. We will give them access to monitor the updated list monthly where they can see the newly created links. Surprisingly, our report includes all SEO metrics like DA, PA, RD, and organic traffic. 

Therefore, a client always remains aware of the work and progress of the website. 

As far as the tools are concerned for link building, there are many versatile tools available on the  market. Each is unique in its own domain. To identify the prospect for link building, we use a variety of tools. We are confident to say that we use tools that use the latest technologies. Such tools surely give you advantage over your competitors.

Do-follow links permit the search engine to follow the link along with its power commonly known as link juice. Do-follow links are valuable as they transfer the link juice while following the link. Consequently, your site authority increases. 

Whereas a no-follow link instructs the search engine “don’t count this”. The no-follow link does not pass authority to the linked sites. It simply does not influence the sites to whom they are linking.

To get quick but long-term results with SEO, link building is the most essential technique to increase your site’s authority and ranking in search engines. 

And earning high-quality links is not as easy as it seems. You require unique and quality content to earn links naturally. Remember, artificial link building is likely to penalize your site forever.

This is a common query “ How long does it take to see results?” after link building. 

Several factors such as the type of website and authority of the site affect the results of link building. It is evident that different websites have different authority and backlink profiles, so results vary as time is concerned. 


Usually it takes six months or even more to reflect the results. But with our link building strategies, the results reflect sooner as our strategies and link building campaigns are made after spending a great deal of time. We ensure the latest trends and Goolge updates while working on clients’ sites

Definitely Yes!!!, you need to have a regular and smart strategy to build inbound links coming from the authority sites. As Google also emphasizes providing quality content to fulfill users’ intention, a wrong and poor strategy may defame your credibility in Google eyes and ends up destroying your site. 

You need to have white-hat SEO tactics to retain your authority and credibility. The term “white-hat” denotes the SEO tactics and strategies inline with Google’s terms and conditions. 

Your competitors might have a link building strategy and working hard to rank the site. But you need not worry at all. Our backlink managers ensure and maintain the white hat SEO link building strategy to keep your integrity safe on Google.

To answer this question, always remember that slow and steady wins the race especially when you are in the SEO race. Creating too many and too few links at the start may be an irreparable loss to your site. 

Our SEO link builder enthusiastically builds the road map for your business. First of all, we conduct a thorough audit of your site and let you know the estimated number of links necessary for your site to outrank your competitor. It also depends on the investment. We always believe in providing high-quality backlinks, unlike many other SEO agencies who do not take care of this.  

We are sure that you will get what you pay for. The high investment brings better and premium benefits. 

The white-hat link building ensures that links are building following the legitimate methods that are purely inline with Google terms and conditions. Links create with white-hat techniques are likely to last long. And there is no fear of getting Google penalization. 

On the contrary, black-hat link building manipulates Google algorithms and builds artificial links which is an obvious violation of Google guidelines. 

Manual linking, as the name signifies, the process of building links manually instead of through an automated link process. 

Important to know that Google is strictly against artificial links and considers it a black-hat SEO practices.  


Even in manual linking, avoid creating too many links. Always keep you link building strategy natural with a proper strategy.

No, not at all. It is not dead but it has changed. Many people are of the view that link building is dead and believe that the creation of quality content is enough.

The link building techniques used in the past are no more. In the past, directory links were very important but now they do not work.  


The link building process has evolved with new techniques and features focusing the quality content.

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